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Meet Playwright in Residence Noro Otitigbe

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The Playwright-in-Residency Program provides a platform for emerging Black playwrights to envision, write, develop, rehearse, and stage a new work. The BCC provides the playwright with a space to workshop, actors, script development support from a director, professional feedback, and a public reading or full-length production of the work at the end of the residency. Noro Otitigbe is an author, playwright, and essayist. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Cultural Anthropology from New York University. She was an international theatre resident at the University of Ghana Theatre for Extension Communication program. Otitigbe is the recipient of the prestigious 2019 Jericho Fellowship Playwriting Prize.

Her work examines themes of cultural identity, mental health, and the psychological effects of economic disenfranchisement. Otitigbe's work was published in Poets & Writers Magazine, Medium, and midnight & indigo Literary Journal.

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