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BCC Members at Chicago's Timeline Theatre

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

BCC Member, LaDarrion Williams, is set to have a World Premiere production of his new play Boulevard of Bold Dreams produced at Timeline Theatre in Chicago, with a consecutive production produced at Greater Boston Stage Company in Stoneham, MA at the top of next year.

Synopsis: It is 1940, the night of the historic Academy Awards in Hollywood, California. Bartender, Arthur Brooks, an ambitious Black man from rural Alabama, dreams of becoming a movie director. His best friend, Dottie Hudson, is a maid at the Ambassador Hotel who finds herself to be a cynic of all dreams. But when the infamous actress, Hattie McDaniel, stops in at the bar and decides to not show up for the biggest event in show business. Arthur and Dottie must do everything in their power to convince her to go claim her win all the while confronting their dark past and making their own dreams come to life. A play on race, class, gender and the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood.

BCC Member, Mildred Marie Langford, will perform the role of Dottie Hudson in this World Premiere production beginning in February of 2023.

LaDarrion Williams

Mildred Marie Langford


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